Chairman's Message

Shri Mohan Goel
Chairman, Fortune World School

Dear Friends,
I am delighted to unfold before you the world class schooling experience and warmly welcome you to the Fortune family. As an Individual, having highest regards for my country’s culture and traditions and maintaining within the ambits of the same. I have always designed my life according to my own wishes, rules and possibilities. I always targeted for the goal which I really wanted to accomplish from the bottom of my heart.

At Fortune World School, we want each student to chart their own path of life and be confident of the decision that he/she has taken for own self, but at the same time not forgetting their family traditions and values which need to be upheld at all times.

The School as an educational institution is committed in providing such an environment which will enable the young ones to understand the world at their own pace. Apparently the guidance of teachers, educators and mentors is delivered in such a rich and sound method that it strongly strengthens the educational growth, spiritual and moral development, knowledge and confidence of each and every individual student.

An ideal fusion of Academics, Sports, IT, Group activities and all other modern facilities blended with value based curriculum will help our students to attain all round development and growth.

I would consider my goal accomplished when the names of the students groomed at Fortune World School would be recognized across the Globe and figured amongst the most successful names.

I wish every member of Fortune Fraternity pre-eminent "Good Luck" and I pray to the Almighty to help us tread this path of educating our young ones with utmost sincerity and honesty.

Mohan Goel

Chairman, Fortune World School